Hello and welcome!

Hi, my name is Keren. I’m 25 y-o, and I love to sew.

Also, I am a TOTAL newbie!

This hobby is something I found out only last year, when my parents got me a sewing machine for my birthday. Until then I was only secretly wishing I could make clothes that would compliment me and be to my taste.
I was very excited to receive a Brother XN2500, which has been said by the sewing machine dealer that is “perfect for beginners”.

So, here I am, spending the last year (keep in mind this is not my profession, but a hobby) finding out and exploring the world of sewing and pattern making.

But I only wish it was that easy.

Being the OCD person that I am, I researched everything online, went on fabric ventures, discovered the world of notions, ordered online and everything.
Finally, when I sat down to sew, some sewing was easy, other was really not. The seam ripper became my best friend. I encountered difficulties, and every time I solved a problem I thought “I really have to write this down for the future”.
And that is when I thought

Why not write it in a blog?

And that’s what brings me here.

I will try to sew some things, and share my progress a-la “Julie & Julia”. I will share my experience and make my mistakes, successes and tips with the world.

Good luck!



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