Straight Stitch Plate Trick

Does your sewing machine have a big appetite for light-weight fabrics?
But, like me, you don’t have either a fabric stabilizer, tissue paper nor a straight-stitch needle plate? :/ :/ :/

Make your own straight-stitch needle plate! 😀

Just cut some washi tape, and paste it on top of the plate opening, not covering the feed dogs. Move your needle to center position*. Then puncture a hole using your unthreaded needle, and thread the bobbin through. And that’s it! No more fabric jamming up in your machine!

You can also try this with other adhesive tapes – painter’s tape, scotch tape, even surgical tape. My plate only had little space around the needle, so some tapes were’nt sticky enough. Find whatever works for you.

If your tape keeps falling off, you can also try covering only half of the needle hole, the opposite side of where the needle goes in. For example, if your needle setting is to the left, then cover the right part.

* – Be careful not to move the needle position while you sew.

Fake it till you make it - straight stitch plate
Fake it till you make it – straight stitch plate

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