My Trip to the Fabric Jungle

IMG_20140702_174839 (1)

Today I’ve stopped putting it off, and finally went to Tel-Aviv to buy some long awaited fabrics and notions.
Being a self-aware shopaholic, I came prepared with a list of all things I wanted to buy.
Did help me not to forget anything. Didn’t keep me from buying things that weren’t on the list 🙂
I’ve been procrastinating this trip because like all big cities, there is a big parking problem (plus it costs money), so I took the bus.
Not a big fan of buses, they make me carry all my fabric bags and not put them in the trunk.

IMG_20140702_174733 (1)

The place is a big promenade, that turns later into a street (but I never reach that far), and there are dozens shops for fabrics, notions, upholstery, drapery, bridal fabrics, cheap fabrics, expensive fabrics, shops that sell only stabilizers and batting, etc.
Whatever you want – it’s there. The abundance is great and you can easily lose yourself in there. Sewing paradise.


However, the downside of all this magnificence is that everything is cluttered and messy, especially the less expensive shops. Which makes it more time-consuming. Almost no neatly organized, color-coordinated, stacked, precut fabrics here. So it usually takes me up to 1-2 hours of digging through my regular shops, and one hour of travelling by bus.
This is why it’s a jungle 😀
On the brighter side, the more the mess, the more you can argue about the price. Sellers are often inclined towards the happiness of the costumer, because sewers are a persistent and a loyal people.

Some shops are “going out of business” for a year+, to attract more costumers

What I love about summer is that it makes these shops open until pretty late, I could buy things until I couldn’t carry any more weight, and not worry about the hour.
Today it was also very very very humid, and I found myself going into shops just for the sake of air conditioning.


There weren’t much people due to the time being a midweek day (you should see this place on Fridays – it goes bananas!), so I felt less comfortable taking photos inside the shops, but I did act all tourist-like and took photos of the street.
Next time I’ll try to take pictures inside the shops 🙂


These are my treasures, I forecast a lot of shorts in the near future (yellow!!!).
Anyways, you can always tell what I’m planning by my latest pinterest pins haha

Big safety pin is my favorite!
Big safety-pin is my favorite!
Fabric palooza
Fabric palooza
My livingroom view says hi
My livingroom view says hi

Until next time – weekend is coming!



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