I Love My Sewing Machine

This post is dedicated solely to my sewing machine. ❤

I don’t know if I should begin by a big apology to her (it’s a Brother, but between you and me, she acts like a diva), because for countless times I have fought with it, called it names, got mad at it, and our relationship has not been easy.

I got her for my birthday last year (or was it Christmas?) and I was thrilled beyond belief. Yet only for the past few months have I discovered my appreciation to it. She is a Brother XN2500, and is quite a simple machine. No auto threading, auto backstitching, auto thread cutting, or any of those auto shenanigans.

When my parents gave her to me, they told me the man at the store said the machine should be “tuned” before usage. The next day I strolled to that store, with the machine in my hands (this baby isn’t that heavy), only to be yelled at by the sales lady that I needed to make an appointment before popping by, expecting them to have time to get me started with my machine. To this day, I have absolutely no idea what that “tuning” meant. Maybe thread tension? I have no idea.

So our story began on the wrong foot, but the more I used it the more I learned. I admit most of my complaints towards it were on account of my lack of experience with the holy trinity of fabrics, needles and thread tensions.

Thanks to the trick of using a clear tape to cover the plate opening, our relationship hit a turning point. I have been doing a lot of mending these days, and the fabric is flowing like buttah! No more gobbling up on fabrics. It is a miracle!
I’m even considering laying off the idea of getting the fancy Brother 2800D I have been drooling over.

By the way, this is also the reason I’m not posting new projects lately. If you want me to make a tutorial on hems, holler at me 😉

I hope this post inspires you to appreciate your sewing machine.
Give it a brush, show it some love 🙂



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