Matching Seams Made EASY

I have been playing around with patternmaking recently (SHORTS! coming soon…) and I found out I had a lot of different pieces to work with. When I got to sewing, I had to go back-and-forth from the pattern to the fabric pieces, in order to:

  • figure out which piece corresponds to which pattern piece 
  • which pieces need to be sewn together 
  • where the hell is the wrong side?! 

Again and again with every pattern piece. My head was a ping-pong ball.
Sure, notches are a great solution for some of the problems, but they don’t help me figure out the wrong and right side, especially when it comes to fabric that have very similar right and wrong sides (you know who you are! Jeans!).

I came up with a work around to this problem.

*queue heavenly choire*


You basically use it on fabric, and it evaporates after a day or two (depending on the temperature/windiness of the room) —–> MAGIC!

It’s not as permanent as a notch.
The easiest way is to make all the markings right after you cut the fabric, so you don’t need to try to remember stuff – just do it.

  • You write each piece name on the fabric –  problem solved! 
  • Make all the markings on the wrong side – now you know where is the wrong side! 
  • Each corresponding seam is marked with a letter – problem solved! 

If you want to be extra savvy – order the seam letters in chronological order. Then you don’t need to think about what you need to sew first – you just look for al the A’s.

No fancy marker? No problem! This can also be achieved with a regular tailor’s chalk.

Match made in heaven!
Match made in heaven!

I hope this tip helps you sew faster, easier and more efficiently 🙂



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