Video Share: Using Bias Tape

Hello sewing lovers!

It’s been a while since my last video share, and I think it’s about time I spread some more of that oh-so-magical internet love and treated you to a cool tutorial.

You may be already familiar with the Professor Pincushion YouTube channel, and if you’re not – please get acquainted, their videos are awesome!
This video is about using bias tape to finish seams, which is something you might notice on garments you buy. They’re often seen on the inside of necklines on t-shirts and blouses. And sometimes, if they are more on the quality side – even on pants!
This is a much more professional way to finish your neckline than with just overlocking/serging.

By the way – is it already Friday??



18 thoughts on “Video Share: Using Bias Tape

      1. In my experience, it turns out a little bulky, because knits tend to curl at the raw edge. Plus, knits don’t like to be sewn that close to the edge as they tend to get stuck in the machine.
        Anyway, knits don’t really fray as much as other fabrics, so you don’t have to put a lot of effort in finishing the edges.
        A simple zig-zag stitch should do the job (followed by a straight stitch, if you want extra stability)


      2. Okay, thanks, that helps. This will be my first time ever with knits, so I’m procrastinating and gathering data. 😉

        The tops I’m doing are all tunic length so they will be heavy with a lot of fabric. I’m just worried about the neckline stretching out. Maybe if I use a little bias to stay each shoulder line–?


      3. Haha I’m always doing that, too. Actually in hindsight, it always ended up being a good idea because I learned a lot of things I would’ve ended up learning the hard way 🙂

        Yes, that’s a great idea! A lot of store bought garments use the same technique. Also, you can reinforce the neckline itself with neckline binding, it will help keeping the structure


      4. Yes, I can’t wait to do neckline bindings. I like the clean, uniform look.

        I have a bias tape maker tool, so I’m going to enlist the help of weave remnants whenever possible. Rule #1: Never throw anything away! Because Scandinavian knot rugs.

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      1. I like the second one better, and I’ll explain why – I’m on the curvy side too, and from my experience it’s best to have something guiding the eye vertically, because then it creates the illusion of a longer body. But of course that is only my opinion and you should sew whatever you’ll love wearing; passion is the number one reason anyone should do anything 🙂

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  1. True that about “passion”; but honey I’m going to keep it real. When it comes to fashion 45% of what I do is ’cause I want to be CUTE all day and that’s the real deal.

    Thanks for the input; diamond-shaped insert it is.

    Cheers :-),



      1. I certainly will. I blog about everything I do sewing-wise. The thing is, I decided to do a wardrobe recreation (get rid of pants in favor of skirts and dresses) a la 40s, 50s, Regency, and Edwardian style. The blog serves to keep me on point, and I vowed to blog the good, the bad, and the ugly of this venture I am on. It’s taking more time and money than I originally realized (I have no outside employment); but I am not giving up on my goal. At the very least I’ll make way cool sewist friends on the journey like yourself.

        I could use the encouragement sew won’t you consider following me via Bloglovin’ or even the WordPress follow button? I’d love to have you.

        I am in the process of getting the materials together for the inserts. I have two pair of jeans for the base right now. Yippeeee. Hopefully it won’t take me too long. I live in a semi-tropical environment; it’s hot as hades right now. Perhaps I’ll have everything just in time for the HOPEFULLY upcoming cooler weather. ;-). Sew, stay tuned for my final version of this sweet repurposed denim skirt.



        P.S. Yes, I have chosen to “follow” your blog. 😉


      2. Wardrobe recreation sounds really exciting! I wish I had the imagination for that, I can only think with a clean slate… Wouldn’t even know where to begin.

        It’s very motivating for me to make new sewing friends 🙂 so thank you!
        I most certainly will be following your progress. I am now a follower haha

        I cheer you on with your venture!
        Best of luck!

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