Erasable Calendar + Key Hanger



Easy Erasable Calendar + Key Hanger! Perfect organizing solution for your home! I love how it's personalized and multifunctional!
So my calendar ended on September, which is probably because it’s the month school starts or more likely because it’s the new Jewish year, and I totally forgot about it. Then we went on our honeymoon in the states for a month, and when we got back I realized we had no calendar for writing our household events.

Opened the pins using a screwdriver, and taped off a rectangle where I want the calendar to be

Then I remembered this tutorial I’ve been seeing around pinterest in the last few months, and thought why don’t I make a calendar that both looks pretty in my living room, plus saves me time to go to the store each year and choose between several calendars that I’m not 100% sure about anyways.

Mixed two tones of gold acrylic paint and painted a 3-4 layers for an opaque coverage. Washed the sponge in between layers to keep the sponge alive for more projects

Aside from that we have a problem with keys laying around the house. This problem costs us 2-3 minutes each morning looking for the car key, or the apartment key, or… well, you get the idea.

In my pajamas 🙂 I used a rotary cutter to loosen up the tape for crisp lines and removed the tape.

Anyways the weather outside is making me want to stay more indoors, and this indoors time makes me DIY hungry. This need to create something new. And pretty. And gold – I’m obsessed with gold lately.

Drew a grid of 5×7 squares with a permanent marker on the back side of the glass, and the days of the month on top. On the front side I put on the numbers with an erasable marker – I’ll do this every month. Just like flipping over a new page in the calendar.

So my friend was kind enough to go to IKEA with me to pick up a nice big frame. Hi Rima, if you’re reading this 🙂
The hooks I got from a craft store. They’re golden, of course.

Marked with a pencil the places where I want the hooks to be, then screwed them in. First with my hands, then with plyers to make is extra firm.
Marked with a pencil the places where I want the hooks to be, then screwed them in. First with my hands, then with plyers to make is extra sturdy.

I like how it’s pretty and multifunctional, and it saves me a buck. Also the sponge strokes caused the acrylic paint to look like a gold leaf when it dried, right?

What I used:

  • IKEA Virserum frame
  • Flat screwdriver to open and close the pins to get to the glass
  • Acrylic paint – I used two tones
  • Sponge and plastic bowl to apply the paint
  • Tape to make nice clean lines
  • Optional – Rotary cutter to loosen up the tape
  • Ruler
  • Permanent marker and erasable marker
  • Nail & hammer
  • Power Tack to stick behind the frame corners balance the weight off of the keys

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