Quick Tip: Spray Painting at Home


So for those of you living in the northern hemisphere you’ve probably noticed it’s kinda cold and rainy outside, right? šŸ™‚

Well, I did, and I’m also living in an apartment. So when it comes to doing DIY stuff involving spray painting, I really dread going to the street level, laying a cardboard, having people look at what I’m doing, worrying no cats will jump on my stuff while I’m upstairs waiting for it to dry… blah blah blah so annoying.

And this is how I came up with this pretty easy, clean trick that allows me to spray paint at home, while keeping everything tidy, at a cat-jumping-free zone.

A cardboard box! Seal the bottom with tape, and spray paint your project inside it. Doesn’t mess the floor, doesn’t mess the walls. And of course IĀ open a window forĀ ventilation, unless you like getting high like that… kidding šŸ™‚

spray box
Sneak peek to my next project!

P.S. Keep this box away from your cat… well you know how cats love boxes

Happy crafting!



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